We here at Hope for Housing, Inc. are excited about assisting you, please find the services we offer:

Homebuyer Education-Pre-purchase Counseling:

Provides general information about the home buying process to a group of potential homebuyers in a classroom setting. This includes but is not limited to information on down payment assistance programs, closing costs, home inspections, credit restoration and readiness and various financing options.

Pre-Purchase Counseling:

Assists with resolution to barriers of homeownership through one on one counseling. This includes a complete evaluation of their financial status and readiness for homeownership.

Credit Counseling:

Help people gain control of their financial affairs and rebuild their credit. This service is for both potential homeowners and for homeowners. The public information we relate is designed to assist home buyers in building their credit and/or restoring their credit. We understand the value and need to build credit and to restore both of which are key components in becoming "mortgage ready." If you're credit is challenged, don't hesitate to give us a call, WE CAN HELP YOU!

Post-Purchase/Foreclosure Counseling:

Knowledge gives homeowners instruction to make homeownership sustainable, while counseling involves one on one crisis intervention to help homeowners who are in trouble of maintaining homeownership.